Services & Benefits
  • Give individual clients & groups of clients of Energy Architects a unified voice with their respective electric and natural gas utilities from our company of previous utility insiders.
  • Take on high load factor and low load factor rate disparities. Because of the “cost–to-serve” analyses we have performed on industries that operate 24/7, it is much less expensive for any utility to serve a high load factor customer in the 75% to 90% range versus another industry that only has a 40% to 50% load factor. In other words any utility will make considerably more profit on a cost-to-serve basis with high load factor customers and as a result, the rates offered to high load factor customers should definitely be lower.
  • Provide regular feedback to clients of Energy Architects on the dynamic market of natural gas pricing with methods to promote savings from natural gas suppliers and pipelines.
  • As a added benefit to clients of Energy Architects, we are happy to act as an “energy answer team” to provide guidance to an individual company on energy cost saving matters.
“Energy Answer Team”

General guidance to all clients of Energy Architects on their individual energy related systems in such areas as:

  • The most proven and effective electric and natural gas energy cost saving and conservation systems.
  • Electric and gas primary and secondary distribution systems and relationship to rate savings as well as proper metering techniques.
  • Co-generation and standby generation including peak-shaving and load-sharing possibilities.
  • Load factor improvement techniques to improve the ratio of demand to energy usage.
  • Least expensive ways to correct low power factor.
  • Advice on the validity and effectiveness of various energy saving products or systems on the market.
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