Our Purpose

Thirty six (36) years ago in 1981 when Energy Architects was formed, it was apparent that larger industrial & commercial facilities needed a voice to properly represent them with their respective electric & natural gas utilities and Energy Architects and the Southeastern Power Users Group were happy to fill this void. The Southeastern Power Users Group (SEPUG) is capable of representing all clients of Energy Architects, even outside the Southeastern United States, at Public Service Commissions, Municipal Boards, groups of utilities and where necessary with individual utilities. This is especially true in situations where companies we represent have plants in multiple states where there are significant differences in the electric and or natural gas rates being charged to their various plants.

As an example, with the 150 plus Distributors who are a part of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which is a Federal Authority, sometimes it is necessary for SEPUG to conduct meetings in Washington, D.C. with the group of Congressmen and Senators who are tasked with overseeing TVA. It should be noted that within the State of Tennessee, there is no Public Service Commission which oversees or approves the rate structures offered by TVA Distributors and thus the reason we must on occasion make trips to Washington. For many years TVA had some of the best industrial electric rates in the country, however, between 2003 and 2010, TVA’s industrial rates at some industries escalated over 100% while their residential rates went up less than ½ that amount. As a result TVA’s industrial rates as implemented by their Distributors are no longer some of the best rates in the country. This is especially true in areas like North Georgia where several Georgia Electric Utilities have industrial electric rates that are 30% to 40% less expensive than those offered by TVA Distributors located in North Georgia. In our opinion TVA needs to work toward lowering its wholesale rates to its Distributors in Georgia in order for them to once again be competitive.

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