36 years ago I realized that industries and other large electric and natural gas users needed much more of a voice to help them represent their best interests with the various utilities.

Some utilities try harder than others, but many are still monopolistic in their thinking and don’t always go the extra mile to bring in new businesses or try to retain and encourage expansions of existing businesses. As a result, we have seen heavy energy consuming companies slowly but surely migrating the bulk of their manufacturing to industry friendly utility areas.

In a friendly and proactive way we are able interact with utilities for our clients and create win, win scenarios for both.

An example is promoting high load factor rates which allow lower demand and energy costing for 24/7 industries that in turn bring in three shift operations of employees. Here the utilities still earn a solid profit margin because an industry is using electric power and or natural gas for processing for most of the day and the town or city reap the benefits of a maximum numbers of employees for that plant.

Another example is a company that has multiple plants in different regions or states. In these cases we have been able to leverage the best utility rates occurring at some of the plants to the other plants by working closely with the utilities.

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