Action Items

Some Action Items Underway
  • Presenting cases for using a “cost-to-serve” basis for setting industrial rates with both electric and natural gas utilities, with special attention given to high load factor customers.
  • Injecting new rate ideas into the rate offerings by utilities that can benefit both utilities and their customers. Many times utilities who can be monopolistic in their thinking are not aware or just not paying attention to other more favorable rates being offered by utilities in the same state or region. Therefore, they stand to lose these customers or at least lose load additions to these customers due to load additions that are made to other plants outside their service area.
  • Investigating non firm rates for total demand load or partial demand load curtailment during high peak energy usages with flexibility built in on the number of curtailment hours.
  • Making sure that utilities in different states with similar generation mixes offer similar priced large power user rates.
Additional Action items
  • Investigating the feasibility of using a total or partial combined Heat & Power (CHP) System to provide all or a portion of the electricity needs of a large plant or commercial facility while at the same time providing all or a portion of the process hot water or steam requirements for that same facility. CHP Systems can provide electricity with process heat at twice the efficiency of electric utilities, thus considerably lowering electric costs & eliminating gas heating costs.
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